Private Water Supplies

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Private drinking water supplies are water supplies which are not provided by the statutory water undertaker, but are the responsibility of their owners and users.

The quality of private water supplies can be variable. Some have adequate treatment and are well managed, but others undoubtedly present a risk to health due to the quality of the water. If you own or use a private supply it is important that you are aware of the quality of the supply and the risks associated with it. Responsibility for regulating private water supplies rests with local authorities, but there is much that owners and users can do to protect themselves. Measures include:

If you own or use a private water supply, and are looking for advice, you should go in the first instance to the environmental health department of your local authority (or, in the case of Northern Ireland, contact the Drinking Water Inspectorate). They can also arrange testing of your supply.


If you are looking for a another document from the previous private water supply website, you should contact DWQR at . For specific information on the regulation of private water supplies in your part of the UK, and more detailed guidance, you should contact the relevant water quality regulator:


Professionals managing private water supplies can find the Technical and Sampling Manuals below:

Technical Manual


Sampling Manual